Bankruptcy avoidance and advice

 Bankruptcy advice
   and bankruptcy avoidance

at both and the sister site

we ask you these questions



  • Are beady eyes looking at you ?

  • Do you have trouble with your bank at all?

  • Are you about to be made bankrupt in the UK?
    Do you wish to continue trading in Europe?

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If you have answered yes to even 2 of these questions, then we just may be able to help you.
The unfortunate truth about bankruptcy proceedings is that the people you employ to help you, either don't know what they are doing and pretend they do, or their first loyalty is to a system that pays them and not you, the poor mystified trader.

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If you need to either overcome or avoid going bankrupt.

Contact us here
and state the simple but honest facts and give us a phone number to contact you on. We will tell you honestly, confidentially and with no obligation, if we can help you.

We do not have a site full of answers for you
We will solve your problem if it is possible for us to do so

If your bank is giving you problems - that is our speciality

If we publish the answers, they will cease to be useful
The methods we employ are all within the law.

This is for the United Kingdom only, so sorry, if you are from other countries and you have problems with bankruptcy then this may help.

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